We're working on putting the band back together.

For now you'll have to suffer through these lame videos.

Movin' on Up to Tennessee

© 2003 Kevin G Doyle

A little song I wrote about making the move we still hope to make.

Back Home in Derry

Written by Bobby Sands

An Irish Rebel Tune


Single At Christmas

© 2015 Kevin G Doyle

Based on personal experience from many years ago.

John Heagney

© 2010 Kevin G Doyle

This song traces my family lineage on my Father's side back to my

Great, Great, Great Grandfather John Heagney.

The Blues Bards

Don't worry folks. We'll get this act polished up.

The Fayson Lakes Song

© 2010 Kevin G Doyle

I wrote a song about the town I grew up in.

People liked it. I made them sing along. Knock Hockey!

Everything Rhymes With Dan

© 2001 Kevin G Doyle

Wrote this one on a challenge from a  friend who

was sure everything rhymes with Dan.

Turns out she was right.

58 Grand

© 2003 Kevin G Doyle

Lost a good job because of an accounting scandal.

Felt kind of vindictive when I wrote this.

Happy Holidays Y'all

A Todd Snider song I'm pretty sure

AnnaBelle sings the Beagle Blues

© 2005 Kevin G Doyle

AnnaBelle was great and loyal dog. I miss her every day.

I love it at the end when she tells me she loves me.

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